Assisted Living Business Signature Course.

taught by JaneNK Nwanne
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Course description

The Ultimate Guide!

This is the course you have been looking for! If you have always dreamed to start your own business, This is the course for you. JaneNK Nwanne gives you the Ultimate guide to open and operate an assisted living business that is rewarding and creates wealth. From the comfort of your own home, you learn and apply the strategies and information at your own pace, for a fraction of the price of coaching and group training.

JaneNK Nwanne
JaneNK Nwanne
Assisted Living Expert

Due to the projected increase in the number of aging population, I have been getting a lot of request from people that wants to open their own Assisted living facility. So I began coaching new and aspiring Assisted business owners, and sharing all the tips, secrets, and strategies that I use to turn my passion and experience into a profitable business.

With my experience, I now work with new and aspiring business owners, and health care professionals who wants to transit from their full-time job into full-time or part-time business owners. I help them create a profitable and sustainable business with monthly cash flow that will last for a life time.

Favorite Quote

The thing you fear most has no power…Facing the truth really will set you free.

– Oprah Winfrey


JaneNK helped and pushed me to open my own Assisted living and I am glad she did. I finally turned my passion into a business. Now I can Stay home and take care of my baby without rushing to go back to work or worrying about how to pay my bills. Warning!!! Jane will push you to get things done; she will not let you give up…lol. Thank you for the motivation and help.

Ify – Christal Care ALF

Course Curriculum

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BONUS: Business Growth Analysis
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Module One: Understand the Business
Module 1: introductory video
Module 1: Objectives
Lesson 1: What Does it Take
Lesson 1: Notes/Workbook
Module 1: Assignment
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Module Two: Set Up the Business
Module 2: Introductory Video
Module 2: Objectives
Lesson 1: Business Formation
Lesson 1: Notes/workbooks
Lesson 2: Name Registration/Avoiding Naming Mistakes
Lesson 2: Notes/workbook
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Module Three: The Power of Having a Plan
Module 3: Introductory Video
Lesson 1: Winning Business Plan
Lesson 1: Notes
Lesson 1: Workbook
Lesson 2: Plan For The Money.
Lesson 2: Notes/workbook
BONUS: Sample Business Plan
Module 3: Assignment
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Module Four: Selecting the right Location.
Module 4: Introductory Video
Module 4: Objectives
Module Four Lessons.
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Module Five: Set-up from scratch
Module 5: Introductory Video
Module 5: Objectives
Lesson 1: Setting up your home
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Module 6: Buying a Turn key Facility
Module 6: Objectives
Lesson 1: Advantages and Disadvantages
Lesson 1: Notes/workbooks
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Module 7: Decors, Safety & Requirements
Module 7: Introductory Video
Module 7: Objectives
Lesson 1: Decorations & Requirements
Lesson 1: Notes/workbook
Module 7: Assisgnment
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Module 8: Policies & Procedures
Module 8: Objectives
P&P Personalized Package
Module 8: Assignment
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Module 9: Food Service in Your Assisted Living
Module 9: Introductory Video
Module 9: Assignment
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Module Ten: Hiring the right team & staying on budget
Module 10: Objectives
Module 10: Introductory Video
Lesson 1: Staffing
Module 10: Assignment
Lesson 1: Notes/workbook
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Bonus: Templates & Logs
Sample MAR
Sample water temp Log
Sample Resident Census Form
Sample Yearly Satement
Sample profit & loss
Sample Resident Receipt
Sample Emergency Data Sheet
Sample Complaint form
Sample Level of care acknowledgement form
Sample Contractual Staff timesheet
Sample Record of Medical appointment form
Sample Allergy questionnaire
Sample Resident Application
Sample Vital Signs Record
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